Hario V60 Filters 02


  • Hario V60 cone shaped disposable paper filters for pour-over brewers
  • Each filter is for single time use
  • Contains 100 disposable size 02 paper filters
  • Capacity of Size 02 is 1-4 cups
  • Designed in Japan to fit the cone shaped Size 02 dripper

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Puro Caff Espresso Machine Cleaner


  • Eliminates residue and buildup in group heads and keeps screens and filters clear for an even brewing extraction
  • Integral to the daily backflush regimen on traditional espresso machines, and ideal for soaking espresso machines parts and cleaning coffee brews

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Chemex® Prefolded Circle Filter


Designed for a full-flavored, clean-tasting brew, these durable, oxygen-cleansed paper coffee filters are up to 30% thicker than other filters on the market. Their top-quality construction allows only the purest flavor elements to flow through, keeping bitter sediment, oils and coffee grounds out of your cup.

  • Designed for use with the 6-, 8- or 10-cup Chemex coffee maker.
  • Precision folded into a cone shape that guarantees uniform extraction as water flows through the grounds.
  • Oxygen paper-cleansing technique is safe and bleach free, ensuring no chemical flavor or residue is imparted to the filter—or your coffee.
  • Set of 100.

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Finca Los Lesquines, Lot #44- Honduras **


**This coffee roasts to order on Tuesday of each week**


Origin: Corquín, Copan, Honduras

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Honey

Altitude: 1450 masl

Tasting Notes: Rhubarb, Watermelon and White Chocolate… Read More

El Cuarenteño – Mexico **


**This coffee roasts to order on Tuesday of each week**


This coffee comes to us from two small producing societies in the community of El Cuarenteño, Nayarit, Mexico. The PROCAA and RIVIERA societies consist of 44 members total. This coffee was mostly shade grown on volcanic soil. After harvest, the members deliver their cherries to the Sandia wet mill where the coffee is de-pulped and dried on patios. From there, the coffee goes the Duende dry mill where it is hulled, sorted, and bagged for export. Only 14 bags were produced from this lot, and SteamDot purchased almost half (6 bags).
This coffee is really well-balanced, with smooth notes of milk chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut. It pairs well with milk and is great with a hearty or spicy meal.


Origin: Xalisco, Nayari, Mexico

Varietal: Caturra & Catuai

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1020 masl

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Hazelnut… Read More

SteamDot Coffee's Ecuador Hacienda La Gerencia
Hacienda La Gerencia – Ecuador **
**This coffee roasts to order on Tuesday of each week**


Hacienda La Gerencia is located in the northern province of Carchi, Ecuador and run by Mario Andrade. The farm sits at a range of high elevations from between 1,900 to 2,400
meters and consists of 3 hectares in total. Upon arrival to the wet-mill, the cherries are depulped and fermented for 16 hours and then dried in parabolic dryers for 20-25 days. Mario
is the leader of a small 10-person group called Habitat Coffee that helps farmers in the area. Not only does Mario have a central location where the farmers can come and sell their coffee, but he offers pre-harvest financing for fertilization and even assists with finishing the drying of the coffees for the farmers (who are often so strapped for cash, they can’t wait to finish drying
before needing to sell). Mario is transparent in his business practices so farmers know what the final price was, and what he deducted for his services. This coffee is delicate and elegant on the cupping table, with bright acidity evoking crisp fruit notes, coupled with refined sweetness.


Origin: Ecuador

Producer: Mario Andrade

Altitude: 1,900-2,400 masl

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Apple, Clementine, and Honey


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Red Badger – Sumatra **


**This coffee roasts to order on Tuesday of each week**


The Badger lives on as a SteamDot legend and after a few years hiatus, has made its return! Red Badger is a symbol of the movement started by Red Goni Importers about 7 years ago in supporting orphanages in Sumatra. The humid climate in Indonesia makes it difficult for farmers to dry coffee, and as such, the unique processing method know as wet-hulling is widely practiced. Coffees have the cherry skins removed and are “quickly” dried for a few hours down to a moisture content of about 50%. At this point, the bean is swollen in the parchment. After the coffee is sold, it goes on to the mill to be further dried and “wet hulled” to remove the parchment layer. After this, the coffee is dried to a final 12-13% moisture content and is ready for export. The flavor profile for Red Badger is really unique for a Sumatran coffee, having vibrant acidity and citrus forward notes, followed by lots of sweetness. This is complemented by fine cedar origin notes in the finish, resulting in an overall well-balanced cup.



Origin: Red Badger, Sumatra

Process: Wet-hulled

Altitude: 1350-1500 masl

Tasting Notes: Orange, Turbinado Sugar, and Cedar


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Rebuild Women’s Hope – Congo **


**This coffee roasts to order on Tuesday of each week**


Marcelline Budza established Rebuild Women’s Hope (RWH) in 2013 along the shores of Idjwi, a large remote island in the middle of Lake Kivu in eastern Congo. Inspired by her own mother’s resilience, her vision is “to place women at the center of the integral development of her community” and that “building the hope of women is building the hope of the entire nation.” The cooperative supports its members in several meaningful ways, including interest free loans, incentives for cherry delivery thresholds, and are currently building a health clinic. This coffee comes from the Hala Washing Station of RWH. After cherries are delivered, they are sorted by flotation method, depulped, and then have a wet soak with continuously running water for 8 hours. This is followed by washing, pre-drying, and drying the parchment on raised beds for up to 24 days.


Producer: Marcelline Budza

Origin: Idjwi Island, Congo

Varietal: Bourbon

Tasting Notes: Raisin, Baking Spices, and Orange

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APROCASSI (Asociación de Productores Cafetaleros Solidarios de San Ignacio) was formed nearly twenty years ago in 2000, originally as an effort to protest the mining companies who were flocking to the area to harvest precious metals. Set on protecting their farming land, a small group of farmers banded together and formed the association. Currently, the association has about 600 members. APROCASSI is focused on selling certified coffees, increasing production, and the diversification of products, such as honey, cocoa, and pisciculture. APROCASSI is focused on keeping youth in coffee, as well as women’s income diversification. This coffee has a big, chocolate profile for an overall well-balanced cup. It makes a great pot of drip and is hearty enough to enjoy with (or without!) milk.



Origin: Cajamarca region of Peru

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Cherry, and Caramel

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