Red Shed Blend **


**This coffee roasts to order on Tuesday of each week**


The Red Shed in Ship Creek is where it all began. This blend represents everything we love about coffee: fruit tones up front, tons of sweetness, and a smoooooth body. We’ve sourced coffee from Tanzania’s Shilanga washing station for the second year in a row (this time around we’ve got some bigger beans, AA instead of PB) and we sourced a great coffee from Burundi Murago to be its sidekick. Side note – by no means does the Burundi deserve the back seat. This coffee comes from an awesome, privately held woman-owned company called Kalico. This group has washing stations in Kirundo and Muyinga Provinces, where altitudes range from 1650-1700 masl. This coffee is fully washed and then dried on raised African beds.


Origin: Tanzania, Burundi

Tasting Notes: Dark fruits (boysenberry, fig), black tea, clove, honey… Read More


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Wholesale & Service We aim to build partnerships all across Alaska through quality coffee, service and training. If you’re interested in featuring our coffees in your restaurant, cafe, office or kiosk, we’ve got you covered. Our dedicated crew is made … Read More


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Lux French Roast


A classic French Roast with smooth, smoky, and bold flavors.


Origin: China

Tasting Notes: Earthy, Chocolate… Read More

Guji – Ethiopia


SteamDot’s Ethiopia Guji comes from the Guracho Washing Station, comprised of about 2300 contributing farmers, and managed by Kedir Hassen Aredo. Guji is an administrative zone of the Oromia region of Ethiopia, which gained political definition in 2002. Prior to that year, the Guji territory (named for the Guji tribe of the Oromo people) was a part of the Borena zone. Guji Zone shares a border with the Southern Nations, Nationalities & People’s Region (SNNP,) which includes Gedeo Zone (where Yirgacheffe is located) and Sidama Zone. This coffee is unsurprisingly a fan favorite with its sweet, fruity, and floral profile. Ethiopia Guji is one of our flagship coffees at SteamDot, and we serve it proudly.


Farmer: Kedir Hassen Aredo
Region: Guji
Variety: Typica
Altitude: 1900 – 2100 masl
Process: Washed
Harvest: Oct – Jan
Tasting Notes: Candied Lemon – Bergamot – Herbal

 … Read More

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