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  • Red Badger – Sumatra **


    First Roast is Tuesday, February 11th.


    **This coffee roasts to order on Tuesday of each week**


    The Badger lives on as a SteamDot legend and after a few years hiatus, has made its return! Red Badger is a symbol of the movement started by Red Goni Importers about 7 years ago in supporting orphanages in Sumatra. The humid climate in Indonesia makes it difficult for farmers to dry coffee, and as such, the unique processing method know as wet-hulling is widely practiced. Coffees have the cherry skins removed and are “quickly” dried for a few hours down to a moisture content of about 50%. At this point, the bean is swollen in the parchment. After the coffee is sold, it goes on to the mill to be further dried and “wet hulled” to remove the parchment layer. After this, the coffee is dried to a final 12-13% moisture content and is ready for export. The flavor profile for Red Badger is really unique for a Sumatran coffee, having vibrant acidity and citrus forward notes, followed by lots of sweetness. This is complemented by fine cedar origin notes in the finish, resulting in an overall well-balanced cup.



    Origin: Red Badger, Sumatra

    Process: Wet-hulled

    Altitude: 1350-1500 masl

    Tasting Notes: Orange, Turbinado Sugar, and Cedar



  • Red Shed Blend


    Red Shed was SteamDot’s first blend, and to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we decided to bring it back, revamped, and tastier than ever! The objective was to create a blend that was unique, vibrant, and something you could drink all day long. The creamy body and savory flavors from Tanzania Shilanga PB combine magically with the dark fruit tones and sweetness of Burundi Gasenyi-Buhiga to create this awesome, smooth, and tasty blend to enjoy anytime, anywhere.


    Origin: Tanzania, Burundi

    Tasting Notes: Dark fruits (boysenberry, fig), black tea, clove, honey