Colombia – Finca Cataluna**


**This coffee roasts to order on Tuesday of each week**

Producer: Flor Marina Betancourt

Region: Pitalito, Huila

Altitude: 1800 masl

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Process: Washed

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About The Producer

Finca Cataluna, situated in Pitalito, Huila, Colombia, is overseen by Flor Marina Betancourt and her family. Flor learned everything she knows about coffee at a young age from her father’s farm. Upon marrying, she encouraged her husband to utilize the land inherited from his father for coffee cultivation, a decision they’ve upheld for the past twenty-three years. She mentions that her husband and two sons, aged 30 and 29, have tried other things like moving to the city or exploring different jobs. Yet, they always end up back at the farm. It’s where they feel comfortable doing what they know best and where they see the best opportunities for making a living.



The pink bourbon varietal is highly sought after for its quality. Flor has cultivated this variety meticulously. The ripe cherries undergo a 12-hour fermentation before being removed, where the coffee is then fermented for 40 hours in the mucilage before washing. The resulting cup reveals striking notes of apple, caramel, and peach with bright acidity, silky body, and crisp, clean finish.