Costa Rica – C. Fernandez Morera





Selected as a “Crown Jewel” by our partners as Royal Coffee, this experimental anaerobically fermented and washed coffee from Cup of Excellence winner Carlos Fernandez Morera is incredibly unique and immediately delicious.


Top notes of gingerbread and baking spices are accented by a sugary sweetness with fruitiness in the finish. This unique flavor profile is especially fitting for the holidays and we are proud to offer this Limited Release.


Available in 8oz only.



Farmer: Carlos Fernandez Morera

Origin: El Cerro, Costa Rica

Variety: Caturra, Catuai

Process: Anaerobically fermented, Washed

Importer: Royal Coffee

Tasting Notes: Gingerbread, Brown Sugar, Apple


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There’s so much about Carlos Fernández Morera’s coffee to discuss: farm and farmer history, processing methods, the prestige of a Cup of Excellence top 5 finish in 2017… but really the start of this conversation has to be about its flavor. It’s at once immensely unique, immediately delicious, and irrepressibly nostalgic. Undeniable notes of gingerbread and cinnamon toast are its hallmarks, eliciting nearly unanimous descriptors. These top notes are accented by a sugary sweetness and a fruitiness clean enough to integrate seamlessly and bold enough to stand out in a complex and thought-provoking sensory landscape.

Carlos Fernández Morera is an experienced farmer. This is his 65th season growing coffee in San Rafael de San Ramón, where his family has lived since 1895. His deep connection to his trees and the soil he works is evident in the way he talks. “Coffee is a very grateful crop,” he says. “If you dedicate a little love, it responds very well… The earth is a living element, we must take care of it, pamper it, so that it transmits to the coffee plant all its force.” Morera’s plot of earth is called Finca El Cerro. Many of his 4 grown children and 9 grandchildren help on the estate, his eldest works directly with administration, his youngest works for the export brand, Café de Altura, and his oldest grandson is an agronomist.  The plot of the farm where this award-winning lot originates is called Diamante (“the Diamond”). It contains Caturra and Catuaí cultivars, though other varieties more resistant to rust have been planted in recent years in other areas of El Cerro.
After pulping the coffee undergoes a sealed-tank anaerobic fermentation process. A selection of mucilage and a little water are added to the mix, and the slurry is closely monitored for pH, temperature, brix, and a host of other variables. Under a watchful eye, the high degree of environmental control this allows contributes immeasurably to the coffee’s flavor. Thereafter the lot is dried for 3 days on a patio before moving to raised beds for another eighteen days of drying.


The recommended brew method for this coffee is V60.

Preheat everything, wet the filter and bring your water to 205 F. Dose 22 grams of coffee and zero the scale.  Coffee should be ground to a medium grind size.  First Pour: Pour two times the weight of the dose and let the coffee bloom for 1 minute.  Second Pour: Pour 50 grams every 10 seconds until 350 grams. Total brew time should be 3-4 minutes.

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Weight 12 oz