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Sumatra Royal Badger the myth, the legend, is back in all its highness. Typically, Sumatran coffees are known for their earthy, forest-y vibes – in large part due to the processing method known as wet-hulling. The resulting cup tends to have an enhanced body and “muted” acidity (in comparison to a typical washed coffee). But when done well and with extra care, as is the case with Royal Badger, flavor and acidity can still shine. Royal Badger is the original “old school” Ateng varietal. The of Badak Gede in northern Sumatra are in a remote and secluded area and fully utilize their resources, which has limited the introduction of new hybrids. This old school Ateng varietal is starting to become less popular and extinct in Sumatra. Although the coffee production in this region is much slower than with newer hybrids, it has a superior and more complex cupping profile. By buying coffee from this specific area, we are supporting the people in the community and helping keep the old school Ateng varietal alive. Sourced from Red Goni Importers.



Origin: Badak Gede, Aceh, Sumatra

Process: Wet-hulled

Altitude: 1400-1600 masl

Tasting Notes: Grapefruit, Cedar and Brown Sugar



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