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  • Lux French Roast Swiss Water Decaffeinated


    The Swiss Water decaffeination process is chemical free and allows origin notes to shine through for a smooth and balance cup.


    Origin: Brazil

    Tasting Notes: Earthy, Chocolate

  • Mchana Estate – Kenya **


    **This coffee roasts to order on Tuesday of each week**


    Mchana Estate has a rich history dating back to the 1950s. French investors were looking to expand their agricultural portfolio and their agent Jas Nicoll began to acquire coffee estates. These neighboring farms were grouped into one large estate, Mchana, and it became the largest single coffee plantation in Kenya. Fast forward to today, and Mchana estate is 906 hectare with 458 hectare under coffee – almost the same original amount of hectare used to grow coffee as in 1950. Management has changed hands a few times, and today is run by Mr. Wambungo, who is known for his innovation and renovating operations around the farm to increase productivity and quality.


    This coffee is a showstopper on the cupping table, with bright tropical fruit notes, a lush body, and tons of sweetness.


    Origin: Kenya

    Tasting Notes: Papaya, Mango, and Pear

  • Rebuild Women’s Hope – Congo **


    **This coffee roasts to order on Tuesday of each week**


    Marcelline Budza established Rebuild Women’s Hope (RWH) in 2013 along the shores of Idjwi, a large remote island in the middle of Lake Kivu in eastern Congo. Inspired by her own mother’s resilience, her vision is “to place women at the center of the integral development of her community” and that “building the hope of women is building the hope of the entire nation.” The cooperative supports its members in several meaningful ways, including interest free loans, incentives for cherry delivery thresholds, and are currently building a health clinic. This coffee comes from the Hala Washing Station of RWH. After cherries are delivered, they are sorted by flotation method, depulped, and then have a wet soak with continuously running water for 8 hours. This is followed by washing, pre-drying, and drying the parchment on raised beds for up to 24 days.


    Producer: Marcelline Budza

    Origin: Idjwi Island, Congo

    Varietal: Bourbon

    Tasting Notes: Raisin, Baking Spices, and Orange


  • Red Shed Blend


    Red Shed was SteamDot’s first blend, and to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we decided to bring it back, revamped, and tastier than ever! The objective was to create a blend that was unique, vibrant, and something you could drink all day long. The creamy body and savory flavors from Tanzania Shilanga PB combine magically with the dark fruit tones and sweetness of Burundi Gasenyi-Buhiga to create this awesome, smooth, and tasty blend to enjoy anytime, anywhere.


    Origin: Tanzania, Burundi

    Tasting Notes: Dark fruits (boysenberry, fig), black tea, clove, honey

  • SteamDot Bistro Mug

    Ceramic 10oz Bistro Mug

  • SteamDot Matte Black Mug

    Ceramic Matte black mug with SteamDot Logo – 10oz