Red Shed Blend **



**This coffee roasts to order on Tuesday of each week**


The Red Shed in Ship Creek is where it all began. This blend represents everything we love about coffee: complexity, dense sweetness, and of course incredible flavor.


Origin: Tanzania, Burundi

Tasting Notes: Dark fruit, black tea, spice and honey


See description for farm-level details.


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Tanzania Shilanga
The quality of this coffee keeps improving every year, which is impressive because this coffee tasted great the first time we tried it in 2019. Shilanga AMCOS was created in 1993, and only received home-processed parchment from members. In 2013 they bought a Penagos pulper and started producing washed coffee in the 2014 season. Shilanga currently services 193 producers, and in 2019 they purchased a Penagos eco-pulper and built additional drying beds to accommodate their growing volume. Bourbon derivatives are the main varietals. Coffee cherries are pulped the same day they arrive at the washing station. They are then graded, dry fermented for 24-36 hours, washed, and dried on raised beds for 7-14 days. This coffee adds vibrant notes of apricot and black tea, and a luxurious silky body to our blend.


Burundi Munyinya

Burundi Munyinya comes from an awesome, privately held, woman-owned company called Kalico. In 2012, Angele Ciza and her friend Consolata decided to go into the coffee business together. They purchased seven washing stations that had been part of the old government-run Sogestal program, with the idea of working in close partnership with growers so they could process and export Burundi’s best coffees. Kalico has washing stations in Kirundo and Muyinga Provinces, where altitudes range from 1650-1700 masl, each serving 1,000-3,000 small scale farmers who grow primarily the bourbon varietal. They wet ferment the coffee for 12-18 hours, then do a 1-hour soak. The coffee is then washed, pre-dried, and sorted before drying on raised beds. To improve the quality of the coffee produced, Angele knew she needed to start with the education of the producers, so they began with outreach to ensure best practices from nurseries to harvesting. As the quality and value of the coffee increases, she is investing in additional training, environmental protection, inputs, micro-credit, micro-insurance, and social infrastructures in partnership with the producer organizations that deliver to their washing stations. This coffee adds complex notes of golden raisin and spice to our


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