Sumatra – Mandheling**


**This coffee roasts to order on Tuesday of each week**


Region: Aceh (North Central Sumatra) and Lintong (near Lake Toba)

Process: Wet-Hulled

Tasting Notes: Herbal, Dark Chocolate, Apple


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Sumatran coffees are truly distinct, with their sweet, earthy, and low-acidity cup profile. This is the result of Sumatra’s unique way of processing coffee, which is known as “wet-hulling.” This process involves de-pulping the coffee and letting it dry down to around 35% moisture. The parchment layer is then removed while the coffee seeds are still soft and wet. After this, the coffee is dried on patios over the period of several days. Some processors pile the coffee up every night and cover it with a tarp, which further enhances the wild and pungent ‘Sumatra’ flavor. The coffee is ultimately dried down to between 12 and 14% moisture for export, unlike other origins which adhere strictly to 10-12% moisture. Wet-hulling is beneficial in countries with very wet climates, where the humidity and cloud cover make it difficult to dry coffees, and it allows farmers to sell their coffees faster, ie before it is fully dried.

Arabica coffee production is focused in the highlands of Northern Sumatra. The most well-known “region” of Sumatra is Mandheling, which is actually a trade name based on the Mandailing tribe, who grow coffee in the Tapanuli area. More specific growing regions are Aceh (North Central Sumatra) and Lintong (near Lake Toba). Indonesia is the 4th largest coffee producing county in the world, and Sumatra makes up the bulk percentage of the nation’s production.


SteamDot purchases Sumatra Mandheling throughout the year, and the producing group may vary based on availability.

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